Pulmonogy !

In medicine, pulmonology (aka pneumology) is the specialty that deals with diseases of the lungs and the respiratory tract as well as secondary prevention (tuberculosis). It is called chest medicine and respiratory medicine in some countries and areas.

Physicians specializing in this area are called pulmonologists.

The Pediatric Pulmonary Division is actively involved in patient care, our pediatric Pulmonologist has vast experience in Pulmonology. They also are the National Trainer for Asthma Program.

Pulmonary Function Testing is routinely done at BCH. Diagnosis, Counseling & Management of Asthma & other Allergenic disorders are taken care of.

Pediatric !
Pediatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. The age limit of such patients ranges from birth to 21. A medical practitioner who specializes in this area is known as a Pediatrician. The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Belgaum Children's Hospital is proud to serve as a regional Level III referral center, receiving critically ill children from throughout Belgaum city & district, neighboring districts of Karnataka, southern Maharashtra and Goa.
The 5-bedded Level III unit has earned the confidence of families and referring hospitals near and far, maintaining a 70 percent survival rate - one of the best in the nation. In addition, BCH is currently in the process of designing and building a new, state-of-the-art  8 bedded PICU.So that patients benefit from all the latest advances..
Neonatal ICU !

A neonatal intensive care unit, usually shortened NICU and also called a newborn intensive
care unit
, intensive care nursery (ICN), and special care baby unit (SCBU , is a unit of a hospital specializing in the care of ill or premature newborn infants. The NICU is distinct from a special care nursery (SCN) in providing a high level of intensive care to premature infants while the SCN provides specialized care for medical problems.
The Neonatal ICU at Belgaum Children's Hospital is proud to serve as a regional Level III referral center,receiving critically ill newborns from throughout Belgaum city & district. The 19-bedded Level III unit has earned the confidence of families and referring hospitals near and far, maintaining a 92 percent survival rate - one of the best in the nation.
Surgery !

Surgery is a medical specialty that performs manual and instrumental techniques on a patient to investigate and/or treat a pathological condition such as disease or injury, to help improve bodily function or appearance, and sometimes for religious reasons. An act of performing surgery may be called a surgical procedure, operation, or simply surgery.The patient or subject on which the surgery is performed can be a person or an animal. A surgeon is a person who performs operations on patients.
The BCH performs over 150 surgical procedures for infants, children and adolescents each year. The Pediatric Surgery Unit specializes in Newborn Surgery, the correction and treatment of newborn congenital anomalies, the surgical treatment of Pediatric Gastrointestinal Diseases, and the cases of the traumatically injured child.
Other Services !

General Pediatrics : Apart from the specialty services Of NICU, PICU, Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Pulmonology, Basic General Pediatric In-Patients also get admitted at BCH.   

Resuscitation Services : It is essential that a newborn is attended to by a pediatrician "AT" birth, not after birth.The BCH Consultants attend almost all the maternity homes in Belgaum City Limits for high risk deliveries, to support the baby 'At Birth'.
24hrs Emergency & O.P.D. Services : We at BCH know the anxiety of parents, many of the times parents need medical assistance & guidance in the night hours, hence at BCH apart from managing real Sick emergencies, we do look at Out Patients 24hrs a day. Immunization : Immunization at BCH is done on all week days. Vaccines based on national immunization schedule are given.

How to refer a patient ?

Belgaum Childrens' Hospital specialists are available to assist referring providers and their patients with an array of services. You may refer patients for consultation, diagnosis or treatment by calling : (+91-831)-2425556

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belgaum children hospitalYOU can support Children's with gifts of time, talent and financial support. This generosity can help us become a regional medical center with an international reputation for patient care, research and training in North Karnataka.

Belgaum children hospital

Belgaum Children Hospital is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all children through excellence in patient care and teaching.As the only private hospital in and around Belgaum district in Karnataka devoted solely to the care of infants, children and young adults, the hospital has acclaimed a renowned name in a very short span of a year and half.

Our mission has been to restore, sustain and enhance the health and developmental potential of children.

Our goal is to help create a region where all children go to school healthy and ready to learn how to be productive, responsible citizens.

Today's children are tomorrow's leaders. Quality pediatric care requires specialized training and a special sensitivity that is perfected through caring for children 100 percent of the time. From mild illness and injury to the most severe medical emergency, BCH's specially qualified clinical staff and physicians provide a full continuum of care.

From birth through adolescence, children have special health care needs that are different from those of adults. Their bodies respond differently to illness. And most children & parents do not understand  or know how to deal with  the experience of serious illness or hospitalization. BCH responds to those needs by providing expert pediatric care within a unique healing environment, incorporating state-of-the-art technology with a climate of caring. Designed specifically to help kids get and stay healthy, Children's promotes healing and reduces anxiety through a unique combination of design, light, color and art. Within this environment of caring, children and their families become part of the healing process. BCH is also active in numerous community programs, including health education to general public, CMEs for the general practitioners, free Health Check-Up Camps & free immunization programmes.



Our Specialists

Dr. Arun S. Desai
Senior Consultant, at BCH Belgaum


Dr. Anand Karkal
Consultant, at Belgaum Children’s Hospital


Dr. Babanna K. Hukkeri
Senior Consultant, at BCH Belgaum


Dr. Manoj M. Patil
Consultant, at Belgaum Children’s Hospital


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Our Staff
The PICU is staffed round the clock by in-house, experienced Pediatricians (physicians who specialize in the care of Children upto Adolescence) as well as nurses who are trained in pediatric care.
Advance Care
To ensure that patients benefit from all the latest advances, the NICU offers the most current monitoring systems, world class neonatal ventilator support and warmers. The unit provides non-invasive monitoring of the newborn's cardiorespiratory system, central oxygen, suction and age-appropriate thermoregulation.
Our Message:
“24hrs of availabilty of expert doctor does matter...”
“BCH is best in North Karnataka for newborn care....”
“We strive to provide the best services to Gen Next......”
“Continious efforts to provide the latest facilities to children for their safety is our motto...”